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Garden Bouquet offers unique floral arrangements & more

Source: --- Thursday, March 29, 2018
We think of flowers for school dances, weddings, Valentine’s Day and to fill our gardens with each spring and summer. While seemingly a small detail, some moments in life just wouldn’t be complete without a floral arrangement. At Garden Bouquet and Design they’re filling each of life’s moments with flowers of intention and connection. Garden Bouquet and Designs creates custom designed, one of a kind floral arrangements for the Marquette community. “We get to know our customers pretty well and what they want, so they’re not ordering something online that they don’t have any connection to. Nothing is ever the same,” said Maggie Finwall, co-owner of Garden Bouquet and Design. “We use different textures. We work with different metals, crystals, stones and wire them into our bouquets. I think the energy over all of our businesses is very interactive, very heart driven.” Garden Bouquet has been a local business for over a decade now, but new owners Maggie Finwall, DJ Finwall and Abby Mason took over ownership just last year. Their business intention is not only to create beautiful floral arrangements, but ones that reflect the connections between their customers. With each arrangement designed, Maggie aims to leave her mind and let her art form convey the emotions behind the flowers being given, she said. “Let your mind break out of its box. It doesn’t need to look a particular way, but it does need to feel a particular way. That’s th ...

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