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We Should All Bow Down To Dinosaur Jr.

Source: --- Friday, June 30, 2017
They never had any massive hits like Nirvana or Pearl Jam; they never so defined a sub-genre, nor generated as many direct copycats, as My Bloody Valentine did with shoegaze; they never had quite the tastemaking cachet of Sonic Youth. So, what is it about Dinosaur Jr. that makes them a big deal? What is it about them that still makes record store clerks quiver, that still brings countless guitar-loving souls to bellow their hallowed name from the mountaintop? Well, for starters, every band mentioned above, among countless others, dipped deep into Dinosaur’s well of ideas to fill their own respective buckets. In fact, J. Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph basically provided the blueprint for ’90s indie rock half a decade early, given that they were maybe the first post-punk band to make long hair, Neil Young worship, loud/quiet/loud dynamics, ennui-laden vocals, and wicked guitar solos safe for a generation weaned on hardcore–and the fact that ⅔ of the band had previously been in Deep Wound, a band that is damn near the top of American Hardcore University’s vaunted class of ’82, didn’t hurt their rep within that community one bit. Mascis has long been famous for being six-string shredder, but that in and of itself ain’t worth much–after all. If you wanna hear a dude playing scales real fast, you can go to any Guitar Center on a Saturday afternoon. It’s Mascis’s use of melody, restraint, and especially his copious use of atonal squall ...

from Valentine
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