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Trump: Patience With North Korea Is ‘Over’ – Military Strike Plans Drawn Up

After Tillerson and Mattis drew a red line for North Korea and they proceeded to cross it at least four times, I was ready to just say screw it. But today while President Trump was meeting with South Korea’s new leader Moon Jae-In, he made it clear that time was just about up. We have officially run out of patience with Kim Jong-Un. In fact, a military strike plan has already been drawn up. The President stated the obvious that diplomacy has not worked here. After the brutal death of Otto Warmbier, America is getting very close to spanking the North Koreans. Bigly.

Trump did not discuss strategy with South Korea’s leader. Moon wants to interact with the North Koreans for deterrence – that has never worked in the past and Trump has no patience for going down that failed path again. “Together, we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in North Korea. The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response,” said Trump. Hear that? That is the thunderous sound of war drums as the US inches towards dancing with the Hermit Kingdom.

From NewsMax:

President Donald Trump declared that the U.S. has run out of patience with North Korea over its nuclear drive Friday as he welcomed South Korea’s new leader Moon Jae-in to talks at the White House.

While Moon has been arguing for greater engagement with Pyongyang as the best way to put the brakes on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Trump made clear that he was in no mood to pursue diplomacy with a regime he accused of having no respect for human life.

And while Moon announced that Trump had accepted an offer to visit Seoul later this year, the leaders failed to map out any kind of joint strategy on how best to deal with the threat posed by the North Korean leadership.

The President continued: “The North Korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people, for its neighbors and has no respect for human life.” There is deep, deep anger over the death of Warmbier. And we are ever mindful that North Korea has at least one satellite now and the capability of detonating an EMP over our heads sending us into a deadly blackout. It’s become a situation where we have to take them out or risk falling as a nation. Either way, millions will most likely die.

And as I predicted, China has not been a solution to this. “The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed, many years it has failed. Frankly, that patience is over,” Trump said at a press briefing in the Rose Garden. But while military plans are indeed on the table now, Trump is still talking sanctions, like that will make a wit of difference to these savages. They haven’t made a difference in six decades… I don’t understand why we keep repeating what has failed over and over again.

“The United States calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the North Korean regime choose a better path and do it quickly and a different future for its long suffering people,” Trump said. Moon keeps talking about a North Korean denuclearization, which is not going to happen. The Trump administration’s hardening stance was illustrated on Thursday when it slapped sanctions on a Chinese bank linked to North Korea — drawing an angry response from Beijing. So you see, we are not just facing off with North Korea here… China has always been behind the NoKos and in the end they’ll be on our dance card too.

Two military experts are now saying that President Donald Trump has been given revised options on how to handle the growing threat of North Korea, at least one of which includes a military response in the event of a nuclear or ballistic strike against the U.S. I can’t stress hard enough that we cannot afford to wait until ‘after’ the fact. Not unless we want a whole bunch of dead Americans. U.S. National Security Adviser HR McMaster confirmed that the U.S. military was ready and said the threat from North Korea was far more urgent than in the past. “What we have to do is prepare all options because the President has made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in North Korea and a threat that can target the United States and target the American population,” McMaster said. Then perhaps we should preemptively do something here… you know, before they park a nuke on the White House lawn or something even worse in the skies over America.


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