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Equal Rights For Bandit Women

Source: --- Monday, June 19, 2017
Belle Starr (1941) Takes Aim At Jesse James Grosses 20th's Valentine to the defeated south, and a bid for more of money showered on Jesse James in 1939. Belle Starr was glamorize of outlawry to a point of silly, but what matter where it was Gene Tierney in embrace of Randolph Scott and Technicolor? Seemed to Fox that bandits had good and sym pathetic reason to blow trains and loot banks. In this case, Tierney does neither on screen, even as scenes were shot of her at stealing, then excised as release drew nigh. Code precept dem anded Belle die for a finish, as with history and punishment provision of the PCA, but she could look fetching for all of exertions, that the point of memorializing her i n the first place. So why watch? For one, there is HD abroad in viewi ng land, Belle Starr at the moment among freebies to Dish Network subscribers (well, far from free, but part of the package). Even as three-strip elements were deep-sixed decades ago, there is still suggestion of what Belle looked like when new and glorious. Echoes of Jesse James , and more so, Gone With The Wind , abou nd. Narrative bumps go strictly in JJ groove. Belle is benign, hates Yankees like Jesse did the railroad, has her plantation burned to the ground for display of attitude, plus hiding of wounded Rebs. Much lore came of earth-scorching the bluecoats did on marches to the sea and elsewhere, not a few still around in '41 who knew the infamous score from fam ...

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